Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Collegiate Illiterates - SDSU Aztec Football

I caught a snippet of the local TV news this morning. The topic was a recommendation by one of the San Diego State University professors to eliminating the school's football team, in favor of cost savings. The interviewer stuck the microphone in front of a couple of students to get their comments.

None of the 'students' interviewed were articulate enough to formulate a contiguous thought, and most couldn't even formulate complete sentences. There was prolific use of 'like', 'um' and 'and what not' as fillers. This was accompanied by comments such as 'that would be a bummer'.

I don't want to dive into the issue of the football team, however it seems to me that they (the student body) need to focus more on their academics rather than their athletics. Dude, like, use the sports time for some, ya know, like, English refreshers man!

Perhaps these deficiencies in language are a result of improper prep work in high schools, and not an indicator of the collegiate systems? Well, they do represent the results of entrance requirements but, I think the root of the evil goes all the way back to the home, the parents, the pre-schools (or lack there of), and the entire educational system. Let's face up to it folks, the world is broken, and we need to act quickly to fix it. How are we to expect the upcoming generation to defend our culture and language against the attack of radical Islam, if they don't even know what it is? I think we need to stop focusing of global warming, worrying about what kind of world we are leaving our children, and start looking at whether our children will be worthy of the world we leave.

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